Annual Reports From Animal Experimentation Labs

Most research facilities “where animals [are] housed or used in actual research, testing, teaching, or experimentation, or held for these purposes” are required to file an annual report with APHIS.* These universities, corporations, government facilities, nonprofit research centers, and others must reveal the numbers of animals they have, broken down by species, and whether the creatures were subjected to pain or distress (and whether they were given relief for any pain or distress). These reports give us information that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to obtain.

APHIS posts these reports in ways that are useful for certain purposes but highly inconvenient for other purposes. On this page I’ll link to the documents on APHIS’s website, which are good for zeroing in on specific facilities or locations, and I’ll post large PDFs I’ve created that allow you to get all reports for a given year in one shot. (These PDFs have bookmarks for each state. To see the bookmarks, you must download the file to your device, then open it.)

PDFs of all reports for each year

2018 [1.3 megs]

2017 [2 megs]

2015 [264 megs]

2014 [243 megs]

2013 [265 megs]

1999 [143 megs]

Missing years (back to 2000) will eventually be posted here.


APHIS website

Database 2013-2017: searchable by city, state, zip code, facility name, etc.

This page contains reports for 1999-2015 as thousands of separate PDFs.

*This applies only to facilities using animals protected by the Animal Welfare Act, such as primates, dogs, cats, rabbits, and pigs. Animals not covered by the AWA include reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects, as well as mice, rats, and birds specifically bred to be used for research. Animal labs in secondary education facilities (e.g. high schools) are also exempt from federal oversight.

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