Missing Documents on Horse Soring/Scarring

In order to get Tennessee walking horses to make those exaggerated high-steps, some trainers “sore” the horses. This involves injecting or applying caustic chemicals, such as mustard oil or gasoline, to the horses’ lower...

The DEA’s Little-Known Experiments on Animals

If you don’t think of the Drug Enforcement Administration when you think of animal experimentation, you should. Here’s what we know so far about plans to shoot mice & rats full of meth, bath salts, fentanyl, cocaine, LSD, PCP, and more.

Files: Exports & Reimports of Endangered Animals & Animal Parts

In order to export endangered animals for exhibition (and bring them back into the US), exhibitors must file form 3-200-30 “Export/Re-export/Re-Import of Traveling Animal Exhibitions (and Reissuance)” with the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Via FOIA, I got these forms for the first 8 months of 2018.

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